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**We have sad news to report today. This one of a kind 15th Anniversary Edition XV A-Plus mandolin is being held hostage. She is to be considered stolen. The gentleman who has her lives in Winston-Salem, NC and refuses to return her. She was a loaner that we let go on a "good faith and handshake" method. We are currently in the midst of a legal process to try to get our "loaner" mandolin rightfully returned. We have been notified by a very reputable music store in Nashville that the gentleman is trying to get it appraised. Please, please, please, if you are approached by this gentleman trying to sell you our mandolin, please, please, please, contact us immediately. We do not wish to cause this gentleman any harm, we simply just want our mandolin returned. If anyone has any questions, please PM us, email us or contact us directly. AND please, please, please share this so that we can bring our kiddo back home.

**Here at Moon Beam, we are just one big family and some of our kids have moved away from home and forgotten to write! With that in mind, we are looking for the families of the following instruments:
#4, #5, #8, #9, #14, #17, #21, #22, #23, #50, #57, #60, #73, #76, #84, #85 and #98

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