**Frequently Asked Questions**

We strive to be unique in our appearance while preserving superior tone, quality & playability. With maintained research & study, Moon Beam will continue to shoot for the stars!


*Do you offer any rental programs?

Yes. We do offer not only offer a traditional student / school type of rental program, but we also a rent to own program with no interest.

*Do you offer any MB products like shirts, hats or keychains?

We do offer a full range of merchandise From t-shirts to carabiners to string sets as well as everything in between

*Is there any way that I can be notified when new instruments become available?

You need to be added to WannaBee A. Mooner's notification list. Email her with what you are looking for. You will receive a notice via email whenever a Blue Moon, for example, becomes available.

(Please replace the * with @)

*I am having trouble emailing MB. Is there another email address I can try?

It has been brought to our attention that some folks are unable to send us email. Please try again or give us a call.

*What about the $500.00 non-refundable deposit?

The $500.00 non-refundable deposit only applies to custom orders.

*Why is my custom order deposit non-refundable?

In most cases, custom instruments require special wood or components that we do not have in stock here at MB.

*How can I purchase a Moon Beam?

First, check to see what is available.
Didnít find what you were looking for?
Start here to custom order a MB.

*What payment methods are acceptable?

We prefer Cashierís Check (it comes directly from your bank) or Money Order.
Credit cards are also accepted with a 5% surcharge.
Personal checks on approval only.
Instruments must be paid in full within 60 days of completion.

*Do you offer a non-radius fingerboard?

Yes. On custom orders as well as several of our different models.

*Can I receive pictures of my custom instrument being built?

Yes, we will keep in touch via email with pictures as the process unfolds. You will also receive a CD of all the construction photos, included with the shipment of your instrument.

*How will my Moon Beam be shipped?

All MB instruments are placed inside of a protective hard case and wrapped securely in cardboard. We ship insured UPS. You will receive a tracking number and be able to follow the journey of your Moon Beam right to your doorstep.

*Can you ship a Moon Beam overnight?

Yes. If you are interested, simply email us to get an estimate.

*What is covered by the lifetime warranty on my MB?

The lifetime warranty covers the construction of the instrument. Finish, hardware and/or "I didn't know" are not included in the lifetime warranty. In other words, do not attempt to "fix" your own instrument. We are always happy to look at any Moon Beam and give a free diagnosis and repair estimate. Simply contact us to make arrangements. You will be responsible for shipping and handling.

*If I happen to need warranty work, will you be doing it?

Yes, we will do the work here. You will only be responsible for shipping and handling.

*What if I want to add a pick guard to my used MB?

We are always happy to work on any Moon Beam Instrument. Simply contact us to make arrangements for your upgrade.

*Do you offer neck width variations?

Yes. On custom orders as well as several of our different models.

*Can I talk to an official MB owner?

Yes, simply contact us with your questions and we will forward them to the owners. Of course, it is up to the owners to respond. Please be patient.

*Still have a question?
Click on the mailbox to ask us!
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