**Journey Program**

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**Our goal is to create and empower as many musicians as possible.
With this exclusive membership program, it allows the beginner
time to decide if playing the mandolin is really for them. And time
for the aspiring musician to afford a professional quality instrument.**

Members Receive

--Use of Model A mandolin for 6 months
--Easy, Get Started Learning Materials
--Satisfaction Guarantee

--Unparalleled Customer Service
--Lifetime Warranty
--Telephone Support
--Web Support
--Email Support

**After the initial six months of no payments - no interest,
you will have the opportunity to decide how you want to proceed.**

Return It
Rent It
Rent to Own
--Simply return the Model A mandolin fully insured.

$25 per month

--Rent as short term or long term as you like.

--At any time, you can decide to purchase your Model A mandolin.

--Or, you can return the mandolin at any time.
$50 per month

--With $35 of that payment going towards the purchase of your Model A mandolin.

--Plus! Your membership fee goes toward your purchase.

--No early payment penalty or fees.
--Paid in full Model A mandolins are always worth $1,500 trade in value.

--Good toward the purchase of ANY Moon Beam Instrument of equal or greater value!

Fine Print
--One Time $250 Membership Fee

--Must have a valid credit card on file at all times.

--Shipping and Handling
(if applicable)

--Missouri Sales Tax
(if applicable)

--Monthly payments
(after six months)

--Must be 18 years of age or older. Or have a parent or legal guardian sign up.
--If your monthly payment becomes sixty days past due, your credit card will be charged for the balance in full.

--There is a $500.00 replacement fee for an instrument that becomes unplayable due to improper care.

--The purchase price of a Journey Program Model A is $995.00

**Click here for an application and complete details.
Or contact us to have an application sent to you either by email or snail mail.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.**

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