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          Great mandolins. Very responsive. Great playability and tonally.
Very well built. Ya'll done good Mate!
--Steven Gilchrist --

          Some builders can make a great sounding mandolin and some builders can make a great looking mandolin, but you have it all. I like the tone qualities. I am very impressed!
--Frank Ray--
Cedar Hill

**Owner Testimonials**

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I gotta point out something that's kinda remarkable. My favorite Mark Twain book is #44: The Mysterious Stranger! It's a fantasy novel based in the medieval centuries. As for the mandolin: My black beauty is mysterious and strange and I'm loving playing her, every day. You did a fantastic job brother.
--Sam, Missouri

Presenting Sam and his Total Eclipse Florentine #44

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I'm enjoying the new uke you crafted for me last year. It's become a great companion, and it really does sound better and better as time goes on. Asheville has a new ukulele club that gathers a couple of times a month, and the tone of the Moonbeam is so much clearer, sweeter, and balanced than lots of other instruments folks bring in. It's also very solid feeling - and I feel that it will be with me (and making me sound good) for a very long time! Thanks again for all the effort you put into the project. It was worth the wait! Best wishes!
--Gary, North Carolina

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Click to see more photos!

I received the mandolin last week. I am very pleased with it and love it just as much as (my son) Logan's (#54). I will keep it forever for sure. I enjoyed the process of receiving pictures and updates. I recommend your instruments to all who will listen. Thanks again.
--Jim, New York

The first time I saw a Moon Beam Mandolin was at a jam session. I really liked them! So, my mom took me to get one at Glenn's workshop, where they are made. I really like how my mandolin sounds and plays. And I really like the color because it's purple, which is my favorite color.
--Tabitha, Missouri

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Click to see more photos!

My honey moon mandolin is absolutely beautiful and the sound is terrific. It makes you want to pick it up and play it all the time. Thanks Glenn and Bobbie!
--Pete, Georgia

This mandolin is a work of art. The craftsmanship, the detail throughout, and the woodwork are some of the best I have seen anywhere. And the sound...very awesome. There is a nice but subtle ring on riffs and chords and playing up the neck brings out the best. Very cool instrument! Thanks Glenn and Bobbie!!
--Charley, Kansas

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Click to see more photos!

I received Summer Moon mandolin in perfect condition. I like it very much and the set-up is just right. Now I just have to learn to play it! Thanks again and I'm sure we'll be in touch!
--Phil, California

Received my Moon Beam #29, as scheduled and I am very pleased with it. I have been playing it as much as possible and it has a great tone. Thanks again!
--Norm, Michigan

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Click to see more photos!

It has the really sweet & full sound I was looking for & very easy to play! The woods are special, the coloring shows off the intricate inlay which is some of the most beautiful I've seen. Thank you for an extraordinary instrument. I'm looking forward to many years of picking on this beauty. I join everyone else in saying this is an outstanding, high quality instrument.
--Mickey, Oregon

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Thanks for creating #36. It's very comfortable to play & has great tonal qualities & a balanced sound overall. There is natural sustain & a beautiful low end resonance. I feel that my skills will improve because of this instrument. The choice of woods is first rate & the craftsmanship is meticulous. From here it's like I just got a '57 Bel Air or something. That's how pleased I am. --Jerome, Arkansas

Honestly, I kept the Florentine Harvest Moon for myself. It has a special look and a special sound. Just what I look for in a mandolin.
--Les--Owner of Blue Moon Music, Arkansas

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Click to see more photos!

I am in love with the sound and soul of my Baby(#31) and will do my best to find it's true musical heart within my style of playing!
--Randall, Washington

Presenting RAW Troubadour

Stunning...a work of art! Thank you. Can't stop...need to play it again.
--Nils, United Kingdom

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Click to see more photos!

Very playable! Great dark open woody sounding mandolin. Thanks!
--Aaron, Connecticut

After a long 14 hr. day, I came home to a package on my porch. It was my brand new Moon Beam Mandolin. I immediately began playing. It is not only the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, but it has the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I went down to my neighbor who plays the guitar & we jammed. This mandolin is everything any experienced mandolin player could ask for. Superb craftsmanship & excellence to detail. I will always treasure this instrument. Thank you so very much. --Jim, California

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Click to see more photos!

You've done a great job, I really can't say enough. I love my mandolin more every day. I can't seem to put it down. I don't expect the strings to last long as much playing as I'm doing. I like these heavier gauge strings better without a doubt. The David Grisman stuff I have been working on is really coming together & I owe it to this mandolin. A quality instrument can really make a big difference.
--Snook, Kentucky

I'm digging the mandolin. It is built very good. Very nice indeed! Thanks
--David, Louisiana

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Click to see more photos!

The most beautiful looking art piece I have ever seen! Flawless in every detail. MAGNIFICENT TONE & PLAYS LIKE BUTTER! Thank You for making this whole experience such a pleasure! The headstock truly is a work if art-STUNNING. There are not enough adjectives to describe how truly "MAJESTIC" this mando is. I now have to rededicate myself to study & maybe in the next couple of years My playing will become worthy of such a FINE insturment.
--Mike, California

I wanted to buy my brother a mandolin for his birthday and a Moon Beam became available on Ebay. Realizing that Moon Beam mandolins are a work of art, and becoming a good investment, I bought this used one. Thanks for all your help.
--Jim, California

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Click to see more photos!

The best mahogany mandolin I have ever played!
--D., Texas

You sure have come a long way and I'm glad to see it. I have always enjoyed the sound of the mando body. Keep up the good work.
--(Another) Jim, California

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Sound is good. The inside of the scroll is very clean, unlike most. The pictures do not do it justice!
--Tom, England

I received my Full Moon yesterday. I played it for about two hours & was very impressed. The wait was certainly worth it. It is easy to play & sounds great. I took it into my lesson & I had to convince my teacher to give it back! Anyway thanks for making the experience of buying a new instrument a good one & keep making these beautiful mandolins! We are so happy that we choose your company. Thanks.
--Aaron and Jessie, Ontario

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Click to see more photos!

Man oh man am I excited! It looks better in person than on the pictures! No matter how I push, she just sounds better & better. It has such a deep warm tone--the most beautiful sound. She takes to a Django tune like she's on rails! Thanks for everything! You really have been more than helpful through this whole process. Great customer service. You gave me just what I was looking for & were able to answer my questions in a informative & timely manner. I am a happy man. Great work!
--Phynie, Illinois

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