**The Art**

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In our quest to master the art of lutherie, we combine the necessary blend of flexibility and stability for each component. Since superior mandolins are constructed of wood and every tree is effected by its environment, every piece of wood must be carved accordingly. Soft woods must be left thicker than hard woods to guarantee stability and hard woods must be carved thinner to be flexible enough to establish outstanding sound transfer.

Materials are the most important key when creating professional quality instruments.

At the top of the list of important materials, the soundboard stands alone. All of the vibrations originated within the strings are carried through the bridge and transformed into sound waves by the soundboard. Every Moon Beam soundboard is hand tuned to guarantee peak performance.

Although the soundboard is the most important, hand bending the Curly Maple sides is the most difficult to master.

The hand shaped neck is installed with a fully adjustable truss support, solid hardwood overlay and inlays shaped from natural sea shells and hardwoods. By attaching the neck to the body with natural hide glue and using a dovetail joint, we utilize the most dependable and traditional methods.

In order for sound waves to travel freely throughout the entire instrument,

the back plate must be hand tuned in relation to the highly sensitive soundboard. Now, not only do we establish an instrument with an authoritative voice, but have also created a magical tool for all genres, occasions and venues.

With the back plate constructed and assembled, the instrument is now ready for the solid fingerboard.

Dense woods provide a playing surface to last for centuries. High quality fret wire is used to extend the life of the instrument without the need of fret replacements. Your instrument is now ready for final sanding. This time consuming process is a crucial step in producing the outstanding Moon Beam look.

Once sanding is complete, the instrument is now ready to be stained to your custom Illumination.

We include our traditional hand applied Varnish at no additional cost. Using age old techniques derived centuries ago, we establish a smooth lustrous finish.

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